A “laxmi lamp” is a staple in any Hindu home, just like how air is needed for our existence. In any culture light is associated with brightness and prosperity. Hindus have a “god lamp” in their home which they worship with their pure heart. It’s an infinite symbol of Mother Laxmi who is the goddess of health, wealth and fertility. A traditional lamp consists of a brass structure with a picture of the goddess embedded into it with a deep bowl like structure to pour oil or ghee into and to place a cotton wool wick. The oil is a general representation of our negative qualities that we possess and the wick is symbolic of our ego. So as the flame gradually burns out the wick and oil, so to does our ego melt away! The flame should always burn upright, as it helps us to understand the need for us to acquire extensive knowledge in order for us to spiritually elevate. As the saying goes, we are never really rich until we are spiritually wealthy. By lighting a lamp daily or prior to commencing any religious activity, we are praying to eradicate any negative or dark elements in our bodies and lives. We should always pray for GOD realization and for brightness to always triumph over darkness in our lifetime. We should always be able to identify the light in other human beings and help them wherever we can. The lighting of the lamp also teaches us to be kind, considerate and impart whatever spiritual knowledge we have with other people. We should lift others up and not bring them down. This year has taught us many lessons and being compassionate is certainly one of them. So make sure the lamp is always shining bright in your home and heart so that your mind is always filled with love and positivity!

Natasha Nichha

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