A tool is defined as something that can assist you to achieve the same results with less time and energy being expended. Crystals helps us to reach these goals as they help us to tap into this energy efficiency. In this post we will acquire extensive knowledge on STRESS RELIEF and RELEASE. Yes we can use medication to provide for fast pain relief but it still comes with side effects which are extremely harmful for your body. Crystal energy wands are a highly effective way to provide pain relief and also infuses our aura with positive energy which doesn’t cause multiple complications later on. All humans have three stress trigger points. The first one is known as the ANGER POINT which is located where the neck and shoulder meet (on both sides) . By placing a rose quartz massage wand over this area, you can release tension, soothe muscle ache, release anger and energy blocks. This also helps to open energy flow into the torso! The second one are the hollows beneath the skull (two points on either side). By placing a massage wand and circling in a clockwise motion for about ten seconds at a time, one can relieve headaches, head congestion, arthritis, neck pain and irritability. Here lavender oil can be diffused to create a more peaceful and relaxing ambience. The third point is located on the hollow under the base of the skull (one point only which links the brain to the spine). By placing a massage wand over this area, it will release mental stress, headaches and a stiff neck. Feel free to visit in store for our extensive range of practical and highly affordable energy and massage wands!

Natasha Nichha

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