Any devotee of Lord Shiva knows that he is the most simple deity of the holy trinity. He doesn’t ask for any elaborate forms of worship but a pure heart filled with only positive thoughts. So it comes as no surprise that his main form of worship is via a simple Shiva Lingam which is a stone made of concrete or other solid material and is left outside the home in it’s designated prayer place. The Lingam is an infinite symbol of Lord Shiva and contains his ultimate power to remove any wrong doings or other evil that surrounds the property. There has been evidence that the Lingam has been a form of worship in prehistoric times as well. It’s used as a form of sincere communication with the Lord who has mercy upon all his devotees! The Lingam is so special since it depicts him as the creator, preserver and destroyer all in one stone. This makes Shiva extremely powerful and he will always rescue his devotees from any harm or evil that maybe lurking around them. So in essence all Hindu homes should rightfully have a Shiva lingam installed in their home for ultimate protection and good luck!

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Natasha Nichha

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