The global pandemic has taken a lot more from our lives than we ever could have bargained for. Lately it’s depriving many of a good night’s rest due to the extreme stress, anxiety and panic which has set into many homes. Don’t become fearful and allow more negativity to flow into your life. Apply a holistic healing approach to better sleep instead of relying on medication which damages your bodily functions.


1) Limit your caffeine intake during the day. Cut off for any caffeine should be 4pm.
2) Switch off all phones and media devices at least an hour before bed to improve brain function
3) Prayer, meditation and daily gratitude allows for positive energy to flow into your life
4) Installing a Himalayan salt lamp into your bedroom will ensure a better flow of positive energy which ultimately promotes better sleeping patterns
5) Using crystals to reduce stress and anxiety can be left at your beside. Holding these before getting into bed will help relax a tired and stressed mind. Also certain crystals can be kept under your pillow as you sleep to promote better and healthier sleep patterns
6) Lighting incense can help to reduce stress and cleanse your space of any negativity
7) Using sage to cleanse your home is the best way to eliminate any stuck, stagnant and detrimental energy. Such energy is very draining and often causes sleepless nights
8) Use oil burners and fragrance oils to lift depression, reduce anxiety and brighten up even the dullest of moods. Oils such as vanilla and lavender are extremely calming and ideal for stress and better sleep
9) Use massage wands to clear your body and aura of any negative energy. These are also used to promote stress relief and eliminate aches and pains from tired muscles
10) Use aromafume diffusers if you do not like the mess that incense makes or the amount of smoke that traditional incense creates. This is ideal for calming a stressed and tired household.

DISCLAIMER: The above will never be a replacement for professional medical advice or treatment.

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