Misting Spray (The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame)


Product Code: 19141

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Misting Spray

Deep energy clearing, brings clarity, protection & raises your frequency to love

Each bottle contains an A grade Clear Quartz and Amethyst crystal

Essential oils: Frankincense, Rose, Jasmine, Geranium, Bergamot, Sage, Lavender, Cold pressed Baobab oil.

Size: 100ml

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame is the flame of transmutation. It takes lower frequencies into the Heart of Source for clearance. The energy transmutes and cuts away any old patterns and beliefs with the incisive power and clarity of a diamond and raises everything to the fifth dimension and above. Keepers of this flame: Archangel Gabriel, Zadkiel, St Germain.

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