Archangel Michael Candle


Archangel Michael Candle

Strength, Courage, Peaceful warrior, Protection & Truth speaking

Michael radiates royal blue light and beams strength, courage and truth over individuals and humanity as a whole. He shields you with his deep blue cloak of protection, but his aim is to enable you to protect yourself with your own inner power. He is helping you to strengthen your aura, which is your own personal shield.

He is in charge of the throat chakra of humanity, which enables you to speak and act with integrity and inspires you to be true to yourself. When the throat chakra is completely open and awake, you will live in total honour and honesty and everyone will trust you. You will also be able to communicate telepathically with all sentient beings on this planet and beyond.

Each candle is made with soy wax, fragrance oils and infused with light energy. The candle lid is designed with a sacred geometry symbol, use it as a coaster to infuse the energy of the symbol into your space. Burn time up to 30 hours plus.

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