Archangel Gabriel Candle


Archangel Gabriel Candle

Purification, bring clarity & hope

Gabriel is the shimmering white, representing purity, clarity, joy and creativity. He oversees the purification of humanity and the planet. He helps you aspire to new levels of light and enables you to find clarity and make wise decisions by placing his Cosmic Diamond over you. This cuts away negativity so you can view the situation from an enlightened perspective. He holds the blueprints of the base, sacral, and navel chakra. In your ascended base chakra, you hold trust that the universe will provide for you, in your sacral, perfect radian sexual and emotional health, and in your naval, Oneness.

Each candle is made with soy wax, fragrance oils and infused with light energy. The candle lid is designed with a sacred geometry symbol, use it as a coaster to infuse the energy of the symbol into your space. Burn time up to 30 hours plus.

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