Red sindoor is traditionally applied in the middle parting of the bride’s hairline on the wedding day by her groom. It is done to beautify his bride and also signifies the marital status of the woman. Married women wear sindoor everyday to symbolise the desire for the good health and long life of her husband. Furthermore it helps to keep the mind cool, calm and totally focused on the marriage. It also helps to make the marriage stronger and avoids little conflicts that are not necessary. In Hinduism the colour red is associated with extreme power. It represents shakti (strength) and by a married woman wearing red sindoor daily speaks volumes of her physical strength. It’s a visible mark that is symbolic of her willingness to use all her power to fight the world for her marriage and happiness. In the Ramayana there was a beautiful rendition of Mother Sita having a heartfelt conversation with Shri Hanumanji. Here Mother Sita conveyed her wish for her life partner Shri Ram to have a long and healthy life, by using her sindoor daily. She also expressed that it keeps her close to her husband. Once Hanuman learned this lesson he immediately applied sindoor all over his body to express his deepest desire to be closer to his Lord Ram and to wish for him a long life ahead. To all the married women out there, hope this is a sweet reminder of the sacrifices we make for our husbands and the amount of love and respect that we have for them by applying vermilion on our parting and forehead.

Natasha Nichha

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