Once a month we all get to experience the beauty and powerful energy of the vibrant full moon. But did you ever notice a dramatic change in your mood, sleep patterns or even overall fatigue? Scientific research has shown that the energy of the full moon is so intense that most people sleep much less before, during and after the full moon. It also leads to greater levels of anger and frustration not to mention anxiety. This is nothing to fear, however you are highly sensitive to the frequency of the moon. There are two crystals which can help calm these turbulent energies. Detailed information can be found in the pictures below. Also during the full moon it is highly advisable to cleanse your energy sufficiently and perform a full moon release. A full moon release could entail deep meditation where we cut chords of past events that do not serve us any longer or even letting go of anger and forgiving people who have deeply hurt us. It’s a way of forgetting your past to make way for a brighter, better and much happier future. Happy full moon everyone and don’t forget to adequately cleanse your homes of any negative energy that maybe dwelling due to the current pandemic.

Natasha Nichha

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