When we think of addictions, we often associate it with alcohol or drug abuse only. However addictions occur in many forms such as food, sugar, tobacco, coffee etcIn order to effectively heal from these addictions, it is absolutely necessary to find out the root cause of these addictions and what has led to the body not being able to function without the substance. Also try and pinpoint exactly what triggers this addiction, is it stress or boredom? In the interim, crystals can help anyone fight off addictions if they really put their full faith into it. By using crystals one can curb the factors that are leading to excess addiction and help to take control of life once again. Healing addictions with crystals deal with the crown, root and sacral chakras. CRYSTALS FOR ADDICTIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS:1) OVER EATING: Many of us have experienced this tendency at some point or another but there are lots of people who battle this addiction on a daily basis and endure stress eating. Wearing CARNELIAN jewellery helps to deal with this problem and gives you courage to break the cycle of over indulgence. 2) SUBSTANCE ABUSE: CLEAR QUARTZ used in meditation will assist in reducing cravings for caffeine, nicotine, marijuana and other chemical drugs. This crystal will help to open up your crown chakra thereby giving clarity to the mind. Clear quartz will also reduce stress, clear blockages and help mitigate the need for these substances. 3) ALCOHOL ADDICTION: TIGERS EYE works perfectly well to make the mind stronger by grounding energy and recognizing the passion that we have within ourselves. It will also help us to find new ways to fight boredom than simply drinking your life away. Pair TIGERS EYE with AMETHYST to make the mind stronger. Practice light meditation for at least ten minutes a day with amethyst to sharpen the mind and help with withdrawal symptoms. 4) SUGAR ADDICTION: A huge chunk of our population is addicted to anything that is sweet and contains exorbitant amounts of sugar. This can be a vicious cycle and needs to be broken in order to experience better health. BLACK OBSIDIAN is the best to deal with sugar addictions and once again meditation will help to overcome such a situation. 5) ADDICTION RECOVERY: MALACHITE will provide healing energies to anyone who is trying to fully recover from any addiction. It will help to detoxify the body and also provide calming energy to anyone who wants to lead a better and more productive life. The team at Henry’s would like to wish anyone who is battling addiction to seek professional help and also talk about your problems. We wish you all healing light and energy and may the crystals guide you to a better life.

Natasha Nichha

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