We all know having a baby on the way is not an easy task to plan for. There are many items that need to be taken care of, so here are some of the essentials that are a must for any newborn baby!

1) Lobaan: This is the Indian name for Benzoin. It has a purifying effect on the atmosphere. It protects mum and baby from any negative energy and also helps to prevent them from getting cold into their body. It is also beneficial for baby in terms of better sleep and protection. This must be burned daily for ultimate effect!

2) Black baby beads and bangles: These are an essential that every mum knows about. It helps protect the baby from potential evil eye from admirers and jealous people.

3) Baby knife and pendant: These are hooked onto the baby’s vest or other items of clothing. It helps to protect from bad energy that could potentially affect a sensitive baby!

4) Kajal: This is an age old tradition that all Indian mothers follow. A little black dot is placed on the forehead or any other area of the baby’s body to prevent the baby from attaching to anyone’s “nazaar” or evil eye.

Natasha Nichha

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